epi-c plus

epi-c plus

epi-c plus

epi-c plus

Waco Vision Source uses epi-c plus® as our flagship solution featuring two core technologies, Light Modulation® LLLT, and Optimal Power Energy® IPL, for optimal, non-invasive treatment of most ocular surface conditions from Dry Eye Disease (DED) induced by Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD) and other inflammatory conditions in the periorbital area.

IPL treatments provide light, while LLLT provides heat, that work together to:

  • Heat glands to melt solids and clear the glands

  • Kill demodex mites and bacteria that live on the skin and cause inflammation

  • Stimulate blood flow to improve healing and reduce inflammation

  • Reduce Rosacea and associated inflammation

Many patients notice improvement after one treatment!

The treatments also stimulate collagen formation in the skin which can lead to younger looking eyes and surrounding skin. A full course of 4 sessions is needed to receive the full benefit.

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